Q:  What are we supposed to do if our clients' purchase arrives in spoilage?

A:  Such cases seldom happen since our packages are in good condition and we have rich experiences for many years. Toperfect Art will be obliged to compensate any spoilage occurred during delivery if the responsibility lies with us. If the damaged is caused by express company, you won't have loss if only follow their procedures to claim. 
Q:  What's our attitudes towards our clients' claim for compensation?
A:  Toperfect Art cherishes long-term volume business and make every effort to offer satisfying services. If our products fail to meet your expectation, we will spare no effort to repaint, change, reimburse, or take other reasonable measures according to your request as soon as our investigation proves that the corresponding responsibilities lie with us. 
Q:  What is the guarantee on purchase?
A:  Toperfect Art would like to only accept your down payment, 40% of the total to start to paint.
If you request we'll take pictures of the finished painting by digital camera and send you by email, you needn't pay the balance until you're satisfied with the quality. It's the best guarantee for your money safe. 
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